Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Haley Jelinek


Henry Jackson Spieker

Paige Henry

Cassidy Rehl


Micheal Bonadio

Elise Betrus

Through the Alzheimer's Glass and Iron project, art sessions focused around watercolor painting and non toxic clay sculptures, are administered throughout Washington and Saratoga Counties. The paintings are used as inspiration for a sculptu...re created in glass or iron by artists at Salem Art Works. Here is an example of a painting made by an elderly artist suffering with Alzheimer's Disease in Saratoga Springs and the sculpture based off of it, by Elise Betrus.


Paintings created by elderly suffering with Alzheimer's Disease.

These paintings were created in Summer 2014  in Washington and Saratoga counties by elderly suffering with Alzheimer's and Dementia. They are inspired by steel sculptures by artist Marc DiSuevro, that are located at Salem Art Works. They paintings progress in style based on early to late stages of Alzheimer's Disease. In later stages of the disease the paintings become abstract and the stories that go along with them become more and more imaginative.