Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alzheimer's Iron Project Teams

Alzheimer’s Iron
Project Teams
Art with the Elderly Facilitators
Weekend mornings February through late April
The Golden Years club will be working one on one Saturday and Sunday mornings in two hour sessions creating paintings with the elderly.
It is urgent that you sign up for dates to attend and that you go those mornings. The program works with one on one interaction between the students and elderly and we need to make sure we have enough students for each elderly artist.
Cast Iron Artist
February through mid April
The cast iron artists are responsible for creating a sculpture in response or homage to the elderly artwork by late April. Works will be shown in a gallery setting along with the paintings, which will later be auctioned off.
In addition to the Alzheimer’s Iron pour, your sculpture will have opportunity to get poured at the Binghamton pour in late March or International Conference at Sloss in mid April.
Cupola Team
February 23rd/March 23rd
The cupola and pour team will be responsible for running an iron pour at the National Casting Center Foundry. On February 23rd students will work together to prep the cupola for the pour, have all materials and safety gear needed, charge the furnace, pour all molds and clean up afterwards.
Pour your Heart Out and Alzheimer’s Iron Promoters
February 16th through February 23rd
The Alzheimer’s Iron promotional team will be in charge of talking to the community and telling them about the Alzheimer’s Iron project. Team members will sell t-shirts and later in the semester soap dishes or cast iron hands. Funds will support the material fees of the Alzheimer’s Iron Project. Team members will also put forget-me-not seeds in Alzheimer’s Iron seed packaging for community members who make a donation.
February through late April
The fundraising team will work on designing t-shirts for Alzheimer’s Iron as well as helping finish and patinia the cast iron hands. In addition we will be making soap dishes to sell, to give us funding for material fees. The soap dishes will have forget-me-not flowers in the corner. A positive way of looking at Alzheimer’s is as a cleansing or washing away. The soap dishes will be sold for $20 each. The t-shirts will be sold at $20 each. The cast iron hands will be sold for $120 each.

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