Monday, June 1, 2015

Alzheimer's Glass and Iron - June 2015

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month.

The Alzheimer's Glass and Iron project will be hosting several art with the elderly workshops, throughout the month of June. In these workshops elderly community members living with Alzheimer's and Dementia create watercolor paintings and sculptures based on their memories.

On Friday June 19th, will be hosting an Alzheimer's Awareness Brunch, at ...the Wesley Community in Saratoga Springs. The Alzheimer's Glass and Iron project will will be donating two glass and one iron, one of a kind sculptures, based off of paintings made by residents of the Wesley. The presentation Basics of Alzheimer's and Dementia will be given by William Hinrich of the Eastern NY Alzheimer's Association.

Sunday June 21st marks the beginning of the Alzheimer's Glass and Iron residency at Salem Art Works. During the two week residency, 10 artists will create close to 100 cast iron sculptures designed by elderly living with Dementia. Each artist will also create a one of a kind glass or iron sculptures based off of paintings made by elderly individuals living with Alzheimer's Disease in Washington, Saratoga and Dutchess County.

During the residency the team will host another Alzheimer's Awareness Brunch at Salem Art Works on July 1st. A light brunch will be served during the Eastern NY Alzheimer's Association's presentation, the Basics of Alzheimer's and Dementia. The glass shop will be open after the presentation, Alzheimer's Glass Blowers will demonstrate making a glass sculpture, based off of a painting created by an elderly community member living with Alzheimer's disease.

At the end of the residency at Salem Art Works, all of the sculptures created will be donated back to the nursing homes or to the families of the elderly artists.

Please support the creation of over 100 sculptures by the Alzheimer's Glass and Iron project, as well as all of the activates we have planned this June, by donating to our Kickstarter page.

A big THANK YOU to our Kickstarter backers, Salem Art Works, The Eastern New York Alzheimer's Association and the Wesley Community for making these activities possible.

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