Thursday, June 4, 2015


Thank you to everyone who made the HEFeSTUS pour possible. It was a great time pouring with you all! What a wonderful event organized by the talented Marisa Lomonaco, Chip Schwartz and Charlie Engelman. Live music, delicious local food, cold beer, hot iron, burlesque and a big gathering of community in Beacon, New York. Congratulations you guys, we are so happy we were a part of HEFeSTUS 2015!

Salem Art Works ran the Alzheimer's Iron furnace and cast 35 sculptures created by elderly individuals living with Alzheimer's Disease in Beacon and Fishkill, New York, Cambridge, New York and Bennington Vermont. All of the sculptures will be returned to the nursing homes or to the families of the elderly individuals.

Rebbeca Flis ran an a kiln to melt wax out of ancient African dung molds and Messo American Charcoal Molds. The mold are environmentally friendly and a unique and interesting approach to cast iron art. The sculptures inside were created by members of the Salem Art Works community. If you are interested in learning the process and creating your own dung and charcoal molds please check

Images of the finished Alzheimer's Iron sculptures as well as the sculptures made in ancient dung and charcoals molds will be posted in the future.

Special thanks to Michael Bonadio, Zac Ward, Chase Winkler, Rebecca Flis, Tim Peters, Michael Dominick, Morgan Donahue, Matt Mroz and Robert Modafferi for a smooth pour with white hot metal.

Dung and Charcoal Molds in the Fire Brick Kiln

Ancient Mold Kiln.

Charcoal molds with molten iron inside.
Alzheimer's Iron Furnace


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